Our Story

Oak Haven Massage was started in 2005 by Dr. Steven Shuel, a chiropractor with over 27 years of experience in the massage and bodywork field. He, along with his wife and daughter, own and operate the two locations in San Antonio and Austin. 


Dr. Shuel started using advanced soft tissue techniques in his chiropractic practice from the very beginning, having taken several soft tissue classes while still in chiropractic school. After entering into practice, he immediately brought in a massage therapist to assist in his work. Over the years in California, he eventually had eight Advanced Level massage therapists working with him in his practice. In 2005 he retired from practice and moved his family to San Antonio. After five days of “retirement” the idea struck him to open a massage center utilizing the techniques he developed over the years – and Oak Haven Massage was born.

Oak Haven’s promise is to offer clients a therapeutic level massage at an affordable price. Oak Haven San Antonio grew quickly and today employs 70 full time therapists with an additional 10 front office staff and sees over 7,000 clients each month. In 2011, a second location was opened in North Austin, currently employing over 50 full time therapists. Oak Haven Massage has continued to offer Advanced Deep Tissue work as our specialty. We have onsite training in both locations, offering advanced level classes five days a week to our staff. They have also opened their classes to the general population of massage therapists in Central Texas.

Dr. Steven Shuel and Ally