Corporate Massage Chair in San Antonio

$79.00/hour (3 hour minimum)


You have been working yourself to the bone to finish your presentation by the deadline, and your body is starting to protest. Not only are you stressed out, but you have chronic pain, you can’t keep your eyes open, and you need some bodywork. Looking around at your fellow coworkers, you notice that many of them are experiencing the same symptoms or feelings of dissatisfaction, but before throwing in the towel and finding a new place work, mention the benefits of Corporate Chair Massage to your employers. Corporate Chair Massage offers many of the benefits of full-body massage therapy, but in the comfort and convenience of your workplace. With a full team of highly-skilled therapists and a wide range of available massage treatments, Oak Haven Massage is your go-to massage heights solution, so just sit back and watch the magic unfold.

Why Spring for Corporate Chair Massage?

As an employer, Corporate Chair Massage may sound like a waste of time and money, but it’s no secret that happy, healthy employees are the best way to ensure a productive work environment. A simple 15-minute massage chair reduces employee stress by 85%, boosts morale, lowers worker’s compensation, reduces health care expenses, and increases company loyalty. Chair massages can also introduce people within your organization to massage day spas who would never have gone on their own, which could lead to greater job satisfaction and fewer sick days.

Benefits of Corporate Chair Massage

Studies show that chair massages provided at work by employers can lead to some amazing health benefits. A 15-20 minute massage can help:
- Reduce Stress
- Decrease anxiety and depression
- Relieve muscle tension and pain
- Improve quality of sleep
- Relieve headaches
- Lower blood pressure
- Prevent repetitive strain injuries
- Increase immune function
- Treat carpal tunnel and tendonitis
- Increase focus, energy, and mental clarity

What to Expect

When you work with the experts at Oak Haven Massage, you are bringing the luxury of massage day spas to your workplace, turning your office or conference room into a little slice of heaven. Our comfortable, fully adjustable back massage chair is designed to fit any body type, and your massage treatments can be performed without anyone having to undress! We provide the best massage chairs with relaxing music and supplies to ensure effective stress relief, and our all-inclusive prices can’t be beat!

Bringing Your Company Together

As one of the best massage spas in San Antonio, Oak Haven Massage specializes in a wide range of exceptional advanced massage treatments, including Corporate Chair Massage, Prenatal Massage, Deep Tissue Massage and more! Whether you want to have a chair massage nearby or routinely add it to your corporate wellness program, chair massage is a guaranteed way to provide a positive atmosphere for your workplace. Create an oasis of relaxation amidst the hustle and bustle of your busy office environment by contacting our massage salon to find out more about our massage treatments!

Give your employees a much-needed respite by calling our San Antonio massage spas at 210-492-0440 today!

Price Includes:


1. Transportation to your office or workplace
2. All equipment set up on site
3. Fully licensed, trained and insured therapists

Chair Massage is Excellent For:


1. Employee Appreciation
2. Client Thank You
4. Rewards

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