Introducing Rhoda:  "My name is Rhoda and I have spent the majority of my adult career working in mostly military and some civilian healthcare settings.  That means I am caring, compassionate, competent and committed to providing excellent service.  It's truly an honor to be working among those I consider "the best" massage therapists in the world and I feel very fortunate to call Oak Haven Massage home."
"I want to be able to address any client that lands on my table and provide them with relief, comfort and/or relaxation for whatever their needs may be. Being able to give people their lives back, that is my ultimate goal. Pain can be debilitating and keep us from doing things we want or need to do. Massage therapy is one of the fastest and most complete ways to help people with pain and limitations to their range of motion and life. Being able to provide the relief to clients is my ultimate desire as a therapist. I feel very fortunate to have the leadership and guidance of the seasoned massage therapist as well as the owner of Oak Haven Massage to help me along my journey."
Licensed since: 2016
Advanced trainings:
Deep tissue
Trigger point
Sports massage
Chair massage
Therapeutic stretching
Areas of Specialty:
Deep tissue
Upper & Low back
Shoulders & Neck

Rhoda is currently not instructing any classes.