Leo - Tier 2

Introducing Leo: "I am currently working on my Masters of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics; I have a passion for health and wellness, and helping people better their lives." 
Licensed Since: 2012
Advanced Trainings:
Neuromuscular release
MET Facilitation
Sports massage
Areas of Specialty:
Shin splints
Neuro muscular facilitation with neck
Tier: 2
What clients are saying
"Leo was amazing and knew the body more than anyone I know. I am a medical professional and really respected that."
" I like the level of service that Leo provides. He goes above and beyond to fix my issues and ensure that I'm taking care of my body. He's very knowledgeable and a subject matter expert. I recommend him to many other athletes like myself."
"Leo was awesome! He was very professional and knows his job very well. He worked on my problem areas that I’ve been dealing with for quite a while. Expectations were achieved! Will definitely recommend to my friends and family."

Leo - Tier 2 is currently not instructing any classes.