Maria - Tier 2

Introducing Maria: "Hi, my name is Maria Duran! I am an advanced neuromuscular trained therapist, also I am certified in medical-orthopedic and ashiatsu "deep feet" oriental bar technique. Besides staying healthy, my priorities are my family and my job, which I find very rewarding, challenging, and interesting. I love my job, best job I have ever had."
Licensed since: 1998
Advanced Trainings:
Sports massage
Deep tissue
Trigger point
Advanced Neuromuscular
Medical condition issues
Ashiatsu oriental bar technique (deep tissue massage done with feet)
Areas of Specialty:
Migraine headaches
Frozen shoulder
Tennis elbow
Carpal tunnel
Thoracic outlet
Periformis syndrome
Sciatic nerve issues
Hip issues
Spinal issues
Plantar fasciatis
Knee issues
Structural analysis
Ashiatsu- very intense deep tissue to loosen up myofascial, release muscles on deeper level.  
Tier: 2
What clients are saying:
"Loved my visit with Maria and will be coming back. I felt like a million bucks and received excellent advice on how to stop the cramps in my feet and that was a life saver."

Maria - Tier 2 is currently not instructing any classes.