Cannie - Tier 3

Introducing Cannie: "My name is Cannie and my main focus is not to see you for the rest of your life but to help you get on with your life! I am the head instructor for Oak Haven’s continuing education program.”

Licensed Since: 2000
Advanced Trainings:

Trigger point
Deep tissue
Myofascial release
Sports massage
Myoskeletal realignment


Areas of Specialty:


Acute and chronic pain relief and extreme range of motion issues related to soft tissue injuries


Tier: 3



Cannie from Advanced NeuroMuscular Training on Vimeo.

Cannie - Tier 3 instructs the following:
  • Clinical Mastery 1 - Neck Pain/Headaches/TMJ
  • This class will focus on both acute and chronic conditions of the neck, head, and TMJ. We will go over key areas of functional assessment as well as treatment protocols for various conditions such as: Chronic Neck Pain, Torticollis, Headache, Whiplash, Migraine and TMJ Syndrome

    We will discuss in great detail the treatment plans for these conditions as well as ways to effectively communicate to the client the treatment protocol.

    Class size is limit to 12 students so lots of personalized hands on attention will be given.