Cannie - Tier 2

Introducing Cannie: "My name is Cannie and my main focus is not to see you for the rest of your life but to help you get on with your life! I am the head instructor for Oak Haven’s continuing education program.”

Licensed Since: 2000
Advanced Trainings:

Trigger point
Deep tissue
Myofascial release
Sports massage
Myoskeletal realignment


Areas of Specialty:


Acute and chronic pain relief and extreme range of motion issues related to soft tissue injuries


Tier: 2



Cannie from Advanced NeuroMuscular Training on Vimeo.

Cannie - Tier 2 instructs the following:
  • Clinical Mastery 3 - Shoulders/Arm and Carpal Tunnel
  • Carpal tunnel will focus on the varied causes of carpal tunnel syndrome as well as other types of arm pain. Because the nerve supply to the arm and hand comes from the neck, cervical issues as well as any disturbance in the nerve from the nerve to the hand can lead to problems. In this class, we will teach you how to systematically look at areas from the neck to the scalene muscles to the pectoral minor and on to muscles of the forearm as potentially causation factors in this condition. Often it's not just one area of involvement but several areas all contributing to the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome or arm pain. The treatments for this condition are very effective.
    Shoulder will cover the ways to assess and treat the numerous dysfunctions of the shoulder area including frozen shoulder, various tendonitis syndromes, rotator cuff syndrome, as well as shoulder separation issues. We will also deal with the assessment of conditions not easily treated by massage therapy including bursitis and labrum tears. This course will also cover every muscle that acts on the shoulder. Every muscle involved in shoulder movement can be the source of chronic pain. We will teach the assessment and correcting these muscle imbalances.
    Class size is limited to 12 students so lots of personalized hands on attention will be given.