Rene - Tier 3

Introducing Rene: "I am Rene, I have an idea that the body has an innate ability to heal itself and massage jump starts this process."
Licensed Since: 2008
Advanced Trainings:
Neck pain
Arm pain
Low back and Hip pain
Medical massage
Sports and Orthopedic massage
Trigger point therapy
Normalization of soft tissue
Prenatal massage
Infant massage
Polarity massage
Integrative therapy
Zen shiatsu
Areas of Specialty:
Pain management
Pre and Post surgery
Deep relaxation
Neck pain
Low back
Hip problems
Tier: 3

Rene - Tier 3 instructs the following:
  • Anatomy

  • Introduction to Deep Tissue 1
  • In this class we teach an upper body routine for a deeper therapeutic level massage session. We include the treatment methods for several upper body conditions such as; shoulder pain, carpal tunnel, back pain and headaches. The focus of this class is delivering a therapeutic level massage session in the context of a nontraditional Swedish massage.

    Class size is limit to 12 students so lots of personalized hands on attention will be given.