Introducing Art: "My name is Art, since I was 16 years old I have been fascinated with body building. Ever since I came into the field of massage it has improved my education to muscle reaction and regeneration. Massage has also helped my heart to help people get their lives back by educating them and releasing their bodies of stress and imbalance."
Licensed since: 1994
Advanced Trainings:
Massage instructor
Advanced Nueromuscular
Deep Tissue
Balance with treatment and activity
Areas of Specialty:
Full body
What clients are saying
"I see Art for therapy massages and he is particularly outstanding. I have tried other therapists through your new client specials and every one was great. But the very best of all is Art for my healing purposes. I can go in limping or having trouble sitting in the car without sciatica and leave with blessed relief. Most problems can be solved in one to two sessions as Art is highly effective and fully dedicated to the art of therapeutic massage healing. I consider myself extremely blessed to have Art as my massage therapist. He is dedicated and competent and his heart is that of one devoted to healing others. I always recommend Oak Haven as the best massage place in San Antonio. It is my safe haven for healing."

Art is currently not instructing any classes.