Amy - Tier 3

" My name is Amy and I am a Tier 3 therapist and I specialize in pain relief and chronic pain management."
Advanced trainings:
-Advanced neuromuscular therapy
-Therapeutic cupping
-Myofascial release
-Geriatric and elderly care
-Oncology massage (cancer care) pre- and post treatment
-Lymphatic drainage
-Advanced stretching and therapeutic exercise
Areas of specialty include:
-Neck and shoulder injuries
-Tension headaches/ migraines/ TMJ issues
-Repetitive motion injuries
-Postural problems and correction
-Sport and athletic injury
-Stress and anxiety relief
-Chronic pain problems
**Minors are welcome with parent or guardian present


Tier: 3


What clients are saying

"Amy is the best!! She adjusts to my needs for that visit but remembers issues I've had before in case they need addressed. If I'm chatty, she joins in but if I want to be silent, she respects that. My favorite masseuse EVER!!"

"Having pulled my hamstring at a Saturday afternoon track meet, I was in agony, and barely able to walk, when I saw Amy, one of your Tier 3 therapists, on Sunday morning. She worked wonders! Although I am still in some pain, my condition is much improved as a result of our session. I look forward to seeing her again in a week."

"Amy is the most skilled and talented massage therapist I have ever been to. Her unique insight, ability and therapeutic touch has made my healing possible after a serious accident last year."

Amy - Tier 3 is currently not instructing any classes.