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if you are looking for a great massage in San Antonio, look no further.

Oak Haven Massage has 43 licensed massage therapists, trained in therapeutic body work including:

Deep tissue massage: to decrease muscle tightness,

Swedish massage: for complete relaxation,

Thai massage: that stretches and re-energizes the body,

Sports massage: to increase joint flexibility and reduce the potential for injuries.

We also offer expert spa quality skin care services including facials, microdermabrasion, body wraps, waxing and more.


  • Help My Back Went Out

    I do a craft segment on San Antonio Living, and after 12 hours of nonstop crafting I couldn't straighten my back up. I got up and bent over for some dumb reason to pick up the dog and move her and that was all it took. I was laid out on the floor couldn't move, couldn't straighten my body, just laying there with the dog licking my face. My husband took me to the hospital where they gave me a shot felt great until the next day and I was in the same situation. I headed over to Oak Haven Spa and told the front desk lady what had happened. She got me in right away to see a wonderful Massage Therapist. I went one time a week for about 2 months and now I go as often as time allows but I must say I have never felt better than I do now that you guys put my back, back where it belongs. Thank you Oak Haven... - Adeina Anderson, San Antonio, TX


    I have never been to a massage office that has so many great employees. I have had so many therapists and they are all wonderful. I have gone to so many other chains and getting a good massage is hit or miss. It isn't like that at Oak Haven, each therapist is exceptional and great. When you get to know them all it’s too hard to pick a favorite you have to learn their specialties and then schedule with the right one. Once you get there you feel like you are in heaven, and that why Oak Haven should be called Oak Heaven! Amber Martin, San Antonio, TX

  • Oak Haven Keeps Me Going!!

    I worked all of my life in the furniture business running a large retail operation. As a result of all of the years of doing lots of heavy lifting and carrying furniture about I have a pretty shot back. Since Oak Haven opened it's doors I have been a regular weekly client. Oak Haven has kept me going and out of pain most of the time now. I make the time to come in once a week for a 1 1/2 hour therapeutic massage and then if Dr. Shuel is available I get a back adjustment from him. Thank you Dr. Shuel providing such a wonderful place for me to come for help and to relax. All of your therapists are the best too. I'll never go anywhere else! - Richard Coben, San Antonio, TX


A delightful way to pamper your loved ones.


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